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Saving African wildlife through sound science, local initiatives, and good governance.


ACC’s work has focuses mainly in the Amboseli ecosystem, the Mara ecosystem and the Southern Rift Valley. In these areas, ACC has established wildlife associations, land trusts, wildlife sanctuaries, ecotourism lodges and community associations. In each of these areas ACC selects pilot conservation projects with a high chance of success and broad application. Read more for details of projects in these areas:


The Amboseli Research and conservation project began developing from Dr. Western’s work in 1967 and is now the longest continous research program of any African ecosystem. The study looks into the changing nature of the savannahs and the emerging threats.
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American ranchers and Maasai pastoralists exchanged ideas. Click for the fuller picture.

ACC is seeking to create with the land owners a series of wildlife reserves and a new tourism destination in the South Rift that will link Amboseli and Mara and create a new diversified market for tourism. This southern linkage will also re-establish the previously fragmented elephant populations.
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ACC undertook a comprehensive landuse planning exercise in the Maasai Mara which has formed the basis on which future development in the group ranches surrounding the Mara Reserve is done. Our efforts are now focused at building the governance capacity of the representative group ranches and strategically planning with them possible eco-tourism ventures.
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ACC is a registered Non Governmental Organisation No. OP.218/051/94212/496 in Kenya.
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