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Saving African wildlife through sound science, local initiatives, and good governance.


ACC brings together the people and skills needed to build East Africa 's capacity to conserve wildlife through sound science, local initiatives and good governance.

East Africa's great wildlife spectacle co-existed with people for millennia unlike elsewhere in the world. However, population growth, poverty, alterations in land use and poaching have halved wildlife numbers. National parks are too small, too few and too vulnerable to protect all species or sustain large predators and migratory herds. Today, surprisingly, most wildlife survives outside parks where human-wildlife conflict causes suffering and loss for all.

The future of Africa 's wildlife depends on safeguarding critical space both outside and inside parks. This means winning local support and gaining national and international backing for conservation initiatives.



  • Define the minimum area needed to conserve biodiversity
  • Identify threats to parks, ecosystems, key habitats and populations
  • Assemble players to help local people turn wildlife into an asset
  • Develop local skills and institutions for wildlife conservation
  • Raise broad support for local conservation initiatives


Click for details of Conservation & People, Issue 1, October 2005.

  • pilot projects in crucial wildlife areas
  • pilot with high chance of success
  • pilot projects with broad application
  • to build rapport with communities
  • to train African nationals to plan and implement conservation programs



  • ACC grew out of a Wildlife Conservation Society program
  • Was nationally run and registered in 1995
  • Set up and independent board of trustees
  • Built offices in 2000 on outskirts of Nairobi
  • Maintained a small, multidisciplinary core staff
  • Brings together local and international agencies, government, entrepreneurs and donors to support community conservation in eastern Africa






ACC is a registered Non Governmental Organisation No. OP.218/051/94212/496 in Kenya.
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